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Leading Dutch market research agency

We were founded in Amsterdam in 2003 and have grown every year since then.  In the Netherlands MWM2 is a top 5 market research agency (100+ employees). It’s a one-stop-shop for both public sector and private sector businesses who want to put the voice of the customer at the core of their organisation. 

In the forward-looking Dutch market, MWM2 is undisputed market leader and innovator in private research panels & research communities: currently we manage 143 panels & communities for leading companies in the Netherlands. 

International activities

MWM has been operating outside the Netherlands since 2012 and we are active in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Our main focus internationally is on research panels & communities. In particular multi-country research communities, which bring together members from a variety of countries. In our offices in London and Amsterdam we have an international staff who speak multiple languages and have relevant cultural knowledge, which we think is fundamental to the success of an international research community.

MWM2 is proud to use Crowdtech technology for our research panels & communities. Crowdtech is an independent company within the MWM2 group and develops state of the art research technology.