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Why should you choose an insight community

As a market insight professional, you’ll be aware of countless research methodologies that meet your needs. So, why should you choose an insight research community? We’ll give you four good reasons.

  1. It’s fast
    Actually, it’s super-fast. Virtually no other market research tool can give you insights at such a short notice. Why? Because members of your insight community are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Within days, and sometimes even within 24 hours, we can provide you with valuable customer insights.

  2. It tells you why
    An insight community doesn’t just tell you what your customers think, but why they think one way and not another. It’s the depth of qualitative insight that communities provide that is so appreciated by our clients.

  3. It’s two-way traffic
    The truly unique feature of an insight community is that the traffic is two-way. As well as answering your questions, members can start their own discussions about what’s important to them, giving you a window into their lives which can be a fruitful source of unexpected insight. Members are both committed and eager to share their thoughts and opinions. In fact, in our McVities Community, one keen member started over 40 discussions!

  4. It’s always there for you
    And last but not least: an insight research community gives you the opportunity to do market research whenever you want, because the members are always there, ready and waiting for you.

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