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Quick and rich insights in an agile organization

The challenge

Most ABN AMRO teams are using agile processes in their work. During their sprints, these agile teams need validation tested by their own target audiences. This could be about exploring customer needs, testing a proposition or to determine he most convincing communication.


Agile processes are aimed at specific target groups. Through Pop-up Communities, MWM2 obtains insights in a quick and cost-efficient way during the Client sprint cycles. The success factor is the tight project-based coordination between MWM2 and ABN AMRO, making it possible to present stimulus materials directly to respondents.

In addition, ABN AMRO has a continuous Research Community of committed customers who every week work hand in hand with ABN AMRO. The issues set out in this community are very diverse. Whilst community members let us know what they think of the new commercial one week, they assess the new design of a product page the next week. This variety ensures great input from the target group; both in terms of quantity and quality of insights.


MWM2 knows that agile working requires fast and clear feedback. We pay a lot of attention to that. In every research project, we see this as the ultimate opportunity to serve our client optimally, so the ABN AMRO implementation can be done quickly and with absolute clarity.

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