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Insight community and community panel compared

The importance of listening to your customers is undeniable. But what is the best way to do this? Market research gives you plenty of options, from a survey to a panel community or even an MWM2 insight community. So, what’s best? In this article we will show you the benefits of an insight community compared to a community panel.

What is an insight community?

MWM2’s Insight community is a long-running, bespoke online ‘Advisory Board’ dedicated to giving you valuable insights and ideas. It may be either a relatively small group (150 – 300 respondents) or a larger group of 1,000 + respondents, depending on your research needs. If you are looking for a quantitative and statistically robust insights, you will need a larger group of respondents. But if you would like deeper qualitative insights about ‘why’ people believe what they do about your products, services or company, a moderated discussion within a (relatively) small insight community will provide you with the information you need.

How does that compare to a community panel?

Though an insight community and community panel may look the similar, there are significant differences. 

  1. Insight community members are dedicated to you while members of a community panel will often answer questions about other organisations as well.

  2. As a result, insight community members spend more time on your market research than members of an access community might. For example, Research on open-ended comments in surveys showed that the answers of members of an insight community were 85% longer than those from members of a community panel.

  3. It is the intrinsic motivation of insight community members that delivers superior insights to than those you would get from a community panel. That’s because when we recruit your community members, we look for respondents who have a connection with your organisation and would like to make it better. It’s the objective of making a difference that motivates them rather than simply incentives or money.

  4. Insight community members are actual customers, and while a community panel member may have bought your product or service they know or care very little about your organisation.

  5. An insight community creates a bond between your organisation and the customer, they are invested in your success and will be thoughtful and honest in their input, giving you more useful insights. And showing and talking about how you are listening to customers will also support your PR and marketing efforts, so you can build bonds with every customer, not just those on the insight community. 


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