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Diving into the lives of customers with an insight community

The challenge

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is a multinational bottling company dedicated to the marketing, production, and distribution of Coca-Cola products. The company offers beverages for every moment, every lifestyle and every stage of life. To stay competitive, CCEP needs to stay attuned to its customers preferences about when, where and why they choose fizzy drinks, juices and water. Armed with this knowledge, CCEP is able to constantly improve the company’s products, communications and customer experience.

Alongside their regular market research tools, CCEP were looking for a way to get quick customer insights on a more tactical and operational level. So seven years ago, they launched an insight community.

Five years later they felt unsatisfied with the results, so approached MWM2, as the Dutch market leader and asked us to take over.



We set out with the objective of quickly building a relationship with the CCEP stakeholders and making the transfer of the community feel seamless for the members. This began with an in-depth kick-off session with CCEP to understand their experiences of the community so far, what they hoped to achieve moving forward and also establish ways of working.

Additionally, to keep the CCEP-community members motivated, our Research Community Manager suggested we share the results of the research projects in a quarterly newsletter to members.


Since taking over the insight community MWM2 has provided valuable insights to CCEP. Our projects have ranged from beverage consumption at festivals to the look and feel of Fanta-products and countless other topics. Every project done on the community has provided actionable insights and answers. For example, input from the insight community provided the evidence CCEP needed to expand their product range at festivals. The company also updated the design of the Fanta-products off the back of community insights.

The dedicated newsletter has proven to be a great tool to engage the community and encourage them to keep providing the rich insights that have made the CCEP insight community a huge success story.

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