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How the Dutch Railroad monitors its Customer Experience

The challenge

Dutch Railroad (NS) wanted ongoing, real time, monitoring of its most important KPI’s around customer experience. This included variables such as ease of finding travel information and experiences at the stations.


MWM2 suggested that their NS Community, with almost 100,000 members, was the ideal way to do this. Every day a sample of community members are invited to participate in a questionnaire created by MWM2 to help NS get the insight they need. By ensuring the sample always uses consistent key variables, such as age and travel frequency, we are able to help them compare customers’ experiences over time, while also helping them understand customers’ responses to short term events.


Through continuous monitoring of its KPI’s, NS have uncovered insights about how their customer’s experiences are evolving over time. This gives them opportunity to quickly take action in the event of unforeseen difficulties and also create longer term strategies to improve the customer experience. And because each individual community member is only ever included in the monitoring sample once per quarter, they remain interested in participating in other community projects as well - without ever being overwhelmed.

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