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Better understanding of customer behavior

The challenge

When it comes to snacks like chocolate and biscuits everyone has their favourites. That might be why there is such an enormously varied range. Yet over time consumers have become pickier about what they buy. It’s no longer just about taste, some also want healthier ingredients, others are drawn to stylish packaging or they demand sustainable production. And some want it all.

For snack producers, better insights can mean the difference between success and failure. So it was for Pladis, one of the largest snack producing companies in the world, with well-known brands such as Godiva, Carr’s, Sultana, McVities and Verkade (Dutch). Pladis wanted to stay close to its consumers so they asked us to set up an insight community. 


We set up an online insight community with 250 snack fans and every week we discussed one snack related topic or another. Unsurprisingly, members love talking about snacks and do so with both the MWM2 Research Community Manager and each other. And they have plenty of opinions about taste, packaging and product names and innovations.

The ‘Snack Community’ provides an opportunity to do market research on a different scale to traditional methods. It’s fast and relatively inexpensive. We use a multitude of techniques such as online group discussions, WhatsApp assignments, asking people to create a blog or vlog, and many other creative challenges. All with the aim of discovering what’s really important for today’s consumer.

However, the most unique feature of the MWM2 insight community is the possibility of unexpected insights, because members can launch discussions on whatever is on their minds. In fact, one member of our snack community has already started over 40 discussions!!


Thanks to the continuous feedback Pladis receives from its community members, the company has a deep and rich understanding of the customers’ needs. MWM2 has given Pladis valuable insights on people’s thoughts and behaviours, including preferences, product innovation and packaging, which has all helped Pladis’ secure its strong market position.

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