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Discovering rich insight across the vacuum cleaner customer journey

The challenge

For over a century Miele has had an impressive reputation as a manufacturer of extremely reliable household products. Amongst their successful product range, are their renowned vacuum cleaners. Yet, in such a competitive market, Miele knew that to maintain its market leading position in needed to find new and distinctive ways to add value to customers lives. But how?

They asked MWM2 to map the customer and user experience journey for vacuum-cleaners and also look for fresh insights about Miele brand perceptions amongst potential customers.


Working with Miele we agreed that the best way to get the depth of insight they needed was using an insight community. So, we launched an immersive 3-month community which allowed us to combine a wide variety of research methods, including discussions, surveys and projective techniques such as ‘first dates’ and ‘pick a picture’. Creating an engaging space with such varied and creative challenges encouraged members to be more open about their thoughts and behaviours and allowed us to uncover far richer and deeper insights than we would with conventional research. 


The insight community revealed that contextual factors, such life-stage and the type of home they lived in, correlated most highly with customers vacuum cleaner needs. We were also able to create different personas and look deeply at the highs and lows in their purchase journeys.

After sharing results, we designed and led a workshop with stakeholders from across the Miele business to generate innovations that would improve every stage of the customer and user experience journeys.

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