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Improving the Tax Authorities Customer Services

The challenge

The Dutch Tax Authorities believe it’s important to involve Dutch citizens in the development of policy and customer services. So policymakers within that Tax Authorities are looking for insights on a weekly basis. What are the barriers? How can the Authorities improve services? Can people easily access the information they need? To answer these questions and more, the Dutch Tax Authorities asked MWM to become its market research partner.


We advised the Tax Authorities to start an insight community as this is undoubtedly the best tool for regular, in-depth insight research. The insight community was set up not only to work on projects from the Tax Authorities, but for members to spontaneously share their experiences and opinions about the Tax Authorities.
Every week we invite their opinions on various topics and determine the best methodology to meet their needs – including online group discussions, individual tasks, polls or more traditional surveys - sometimes used in combination.


The insight community for the Dutch Tax Authorities gave Dutch citizens a chance to truly be heard. And at the same time the Tax Authorities discovered valuable insights that have enabled them to improve their customer service and communications. Community feedback helped them successfully launch brand new services and improve existing services, such as making website navigation more intuitive.
Unsurprisingly, the Tax Authorities are delighted with the way the insight community has helped them meet their objective of improved customer experience.

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