Results & Reviews

An insight community puts customers at the heart of the organisation’s decision-making process by helping it get closer to its customers. It delivers timely and relevant customer insight on a range of topics, including trends, communications, co-creating innovations, new products, competition and understanding usage and attitudes… the list is endless. 

MWM2 takes insight communities to the next level. Our insight communities emphasise:

Continuous insights by building authentic bonds with members we get quicker, richer and deeper insights.

Foresight to discover trends and needs as they emerge. We look beyond individual projects and make use of bottom up insights, open data, company data and insights from other research projects.

Activation of insights to increase the reach and impact of research. Our aim is to maximise the impact of every insight, so we focus on high impact solutions like to-the-point reports, workshops and training to lead change. 

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Client reviews

I have followed the community discussions on a daily basis, and with great pleasure. The results, in terms of number of participants and quality of response, fully exceeded our expectations. We are so excited about this insight community that we have decided to proceed with our insight community as a new and permanent method of market research." 
Senior business advisor of ABN AMRO  

MWM2’s action plan was precisely what we needed to receive quick market insights on a permanent basis. They have convinced us with their enthusiasm and know-how of research communities.”
Consumer & market insights manager of Pladis.

We were very impressed by the MWM2 research consultants. They asked our community members the right questions and gave them excellent feedback. The insights we received benefit many departments of our organization. Some of my colleagues followed the insight community and told me that they were intrigued by this adequate market research method.” 
Spokesman of the Offices of the Land Registry

Our insight community has been set up in a short amount of time, thanks to the excellent preparations of the devoted MWM2 team. It gave us a jump start.” 
Spokesman of an insurance company 


Excellent questions, highly visual, good approach, and helpful insights. I am very pleased with the MWM2 insight community, and so are my internal stakeholders.” 
Research consultant of the Tax Authorities


The ‘insight teacher community’ by the Dutch Ministry of Education is a valuable instrument for us. It provides us fast, straightforward and profound insights in the day-to-day work of a teacher.  MWM2 transforms the individual responses into a clear and visual report with practical recommendations. This provides us the opportunity to take immediate action." 
Community manager of the Dutch Ministry of Education.


Community member reviews

“My primary purpose to participate was to think along and respond. But I soon found it equally important that the organization would use my comments and suggestions. And they did! Though I am quite busy, I always try to find some time to participate in the insight community.  It’s proven to be helpful, so I will remain a member of this community for a long time.”



“In my insight community a wide variety of topics are discussed. I truly feel that my contribution to the discussions are valuable and will play a part in improvements within the organization. But I also learn from the response of other community members. I believe that my opinion counts and that keeps me motivated.”


“For the very first time, I have the feeling that the Ministry of Education listens to me as a teacher. The insight community shows that our work and opinion matters, and that we have influence on the future of our profession.”