What we do

What we do

MWM2 specialises in research communities, or insight communities, as we prefer to call them. These are private, online research communities that are designed to reveal valuable customer insights.

How it works

At its heart, an insight community is an online platform where members are regularly invited to participate in new research projects. These could be surveys, online chats, or even a group discussion via video. After working on one project, members can join other projects, see the latest news. and meet other members in the community.

Committed members

Members of an insight community are typically involved in the community for an extended period of time, so a trusted bond develops between the brand and the members. This creates uniquely rich and deep responses. 

To help you get the most out of your insight community MWM2 focuses on:

Flexible community design
Our platform is designed to suit all types of research methodology. So, it can deliver deep consumer insight, foresight and also support activation of insights. This will help your team be more agile and ensure business decisions are grounded in deep customer understanding. 

Keeping members engaged
We get to know members by name and encourage them to behave respectfully and with friendly curiosity to one another. This creates a safe space for them to share their thoughts. We also create a perfect balance between longer-serving members and refreshing the community with new members to keep it lively. 

A varied menu of projects 
Participating in an insight community has to feel fun and rewarding. So, we ensure research projects are varied and interesting. We use a broad spectrum of activities that include forum discussions, polls, video-chats, surveys and many more.

Modern community technology

Our community platform is seamless, modern and designed to be intuitive. It is device agnostic, so members can participate wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. We use state of the art software, developed by Crowdtech

Experienced team
Our communities are always led by an experienced, empathetic, local research community manager. They are skilled in qualitative and quantitative techniques and are particularly adept at creative techniques for deeper insights. They’re also always on the hunt for connections between different projects, as well as unsolicited feedback.